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Version complète : Notification d’appels entrants numéros d'accueil [Répondu]
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We are successfully using the notification API to get notifications for "normal" lines.
We are trying to also get the notifications for call distributors ("numéros d'accueil"), however, it is somewhat unclear if and how once can do that.

The web interface is missing the option to configure the callback URL.
We took a guess and tried to go to;accueil number here>/edit_cti, which resulted in a 500 error.

The presence of "_IS_ACD_" seems to indicate that notifications for call distributors are possible, which leaves us with the question of how to configure the callback URL for them.

Thank you

Thank you for your interest in our APIs.

Notifications for ACD services is not available.

For line notifications, the _IS_ACD_ parameter is a boolean that i ndicates whether the call is coming from an ACD service or not.

Best regards.

Thanks for getting back to me.

That is rather unfortunate.

Any chance that that could be added?

Thank you!

With this API, we don't think so.
It might be added using a new API, but there's no date yet.

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